The Road to Recovery Leads to Broadway

“The Great White Way” is a nickname for a section of Broadway in midtown Manhattan that encompasses the City’s theater district and Times Square. In 1880, the blocks between Union Square and Madison Square were illuminated, making them some of the first electrically lit streets in the country.

Before that time, women would not go out alone because it wasn’t socially acceptable for a lady to be unescorted once it got dark. The lighting, in effect, extended the day, so when the sun went down, one didn’t have to hurry home. Perhaps that’s another reason why New York is called the “city that never sleeps”!

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, our country is enthusiastically opening up again. Americans are eager to go out for dinner, plan a vacation, visit a museum, or see a show. The beleaguered entertainment industry is planning its 2021 comeback with a vengeance—planning productions, scheduling performances, and selling tickets for the coming months. Soon, the “Great White Way” will be brighter than ever.

Today’s Broadway requires sophisticated digital signage that also never sleeps. Dataprobe’s network reliability products help keep Times Square lit. iBoot PDUs will ensure that digital billboards are showering NYC audiences with their usual array of colorful, splashy advertisements, up-to-the-minute information, and non-stop visual entertainment. Ticket kiosks, digital menus, and all types of electronic signage will be illuminating New Yorkers and tourists to the best and brightest entertainment in the world. And they all rely on power rebooting to get it done.

They don’t call it “The Great White Way” for nothing, and Dataprobe is proud to play its part in keeping the lights on in Times Square throughout our recovery and beyond. Keep your company’s “lights on.” Connect with us today.

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