Touch Free: Remote Technology Is A Game Changer

Across the globe, or over the sales counter, remote and contactless technology development will continue to advance across all industries.

Use Devices Remotely From Anywhere In The World

Dataprobe has been on the cutting edge of information technology hardware development for over 50 years. Our iBoot PDU solutions have made it easy for our customers to control their digital devices remotely from anywhere in the world. 

Virtual and touch-free approaches are now being developed to do just about anything–a trend accelerated by the COVID19 pandemic. Remote technologies lower exposure and save time and money as opposed to “live” meetings, transactions, and repairs. Keeping one’s distance is becoming the new normal.

Take contactless credit cards, for example. Tap-to-pay credit cards and mobile wallets provide consumers the ability to go touch-free and stay healthy.

How Dataprobe Can Help

Just like our iBoot facilitates remote equipment management, consumers can avoid contact and speed up in-store checkout experiences without touching point-of-sale terminals and screens. The less contact, the better. Now, more than ever, remote and contactless technologies are changing how we do business and making a significant global impact. Whether you manage hundreds of digital devices across the country with iBoot or tap-to-pay at your neighborhood grocery store, this industry is a game changer.

If you are interested in exploring how remote technology can reboot your equipment safely and cost-effectively, connect with Dataprobe at 201-934-9944.

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