What We Can Learn From the New York City Power Outage

Last Saturday, more than 72,000 people in New York City lost electricity stretching across 30 blocks from Time Square to the Upper West Side. From approximately 6:47PM to midnight, residents and tourists alike were “left in the dark” as to why this was happening and when it would be fixed.

Having a plan of action for in instance like this can be tricky. A blackout on a weekend in one of the world’s largest cities isn’t exactly expected! When outages like this occur, network downtime is almost a guarantee. In a situation like this where no one is sure what time electricity will be restored, trying to schedule a truck roll out can quickly turn into a waiting game no one wants to play.

It is also to be mindful of what happens when power is restored. At your site, think about all of the things that require electricity that are running. When the power is eventually restored, the consequences that can come with a potential power surge are more prevalent than ever.

It is events like these where Dataprobe products can be utilized to save you and your team an unwanted headache. Our products allow you to be able to check your sites network status from anywhere in the world, right on your phone via the iBoot Cloud Service. From your phone, you can then choose when each particular outlet can reboot in order to protect yourself from an overwhelming power surge.

The truth in all of this is that an outage like this can happen any time and any where. Don’t let you and your business be caught off guard! Learn more about Dataprobe iBoot Products here.

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