Why is a UL Listing So Important?

When designing a large scale project across multiple sites with many moving parts, there are already plenty of things to be worried about. When it comes to choosing which electrical devices and supplies you may be using, not only do you want the right fit for the job, but also something that is safe and properly designed. For over 100 years, UL has developed over 1,000 standards for safety, providing consumers the certainty that their most recent purchase is no threat to their sites and projects.

UL, commonly known as Underwriters Laboratories, is the leading nationally recognized testing authority in the world. UL testing ensures that things such as the size of wires, the amount of electricity a device can handle, and the construction of the product, are all correct and safe for use. Products that have been stamped by UL have been voluntarily submitted by the manufacturer which shows their dedication and effort to showing their potential customer’s that their product is safe to use.

When it comes to issues such as network downtime and network reliability as a whole, users who reboot their networks remotely need a product they can rely on. Although using non safety tested appliances in the home is not illegal; it may void your fire insurance. In the workplace, not using electrical equipment that is not NRTL safety approved is also a violation of OSHA regulations and may result in serious fines and lawsuits.

If you were to look at two identical reboot products, but one was UL listed on the other was not, which one would you take? The ability to feel confident about your network solutions comes down to more than who you buy from, but who is willing to go the extra mile for you.

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