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Build Your Brand with Customized Solutions

Manufacturers know that their customers rely on them for innovative solutions and reliable products. However, the time and money it takes to develop customized components can be excessive.

Leverage Dataprobe’s expertise in IoT cloud services, UL certification, and overseas manufacturing to bring your ideas to market quickly and efficiently. Gain a competitive advantage and meet strategic goals by expanding your product offering and getting to market faster.

As an OEM, Dataprobe provides outstanding solutions for all types of businesses. Whether your team is configuring a large deployment for a specific client, needs a cloud solution to manage your worldwide technology, or requires assistance in manufacturing products for retail sale, Dataprobe can help your product development progress seamlessly because our products undergo rigorous quality control testing.

White Label Experts

We’ll place your company name on our products and configure them to meet your customers’ needs with flexible project lines and the ability to fine-tune and customize on the fly. We even provide simple configuration files that add your name, color scheme, logo, customizable documentation, and packaging.

We Handle the Details

Dataprobe has experience designing custom power management and switching products at any scale for all types of applications. All of our products are UL tested and certified, providing assurance that you’re offering reliable, efficient, and safe products to your customers.

Tap our rich portfolio of power switching and management products. Leverage our expertise and industry-proven technology and get your product to market tomorrow. Our engineers have the expertise to create practical solutions that cut down the time and cost to develop your product, helping you get to market quicker.

Reach out to us with your basic requirements, and we’ll get the conversation started. Our engineering team will work with you to plan, build, integrate and provide support every step of the way as we create products to your exact specifications.

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You Do You. We’ll Help You Do It.