Anticipate “What Could Go Wrong?”

reboot switch
Who’s pushing your reboot switch?

As working from home becomes the new normal, situations may arise back in the office that put a glitch in your network’s IT operations.

“What could possibly go wrong?” Well, those are some famous last words.

Servers, network gear, workstations, and access points sometimes need a reboot in order to behave. If everyone is working remotely, there’s no one in the office to push the big red “reset” button on your server. You could be down for 8-12 hours until your button-pusher arrives.

Our businesses have persisted and survived over the months since COVID reared its ugly head this year. Are you prepared to remain resilient and operational in the event of a second wave without having to send a key employee into the office to push a button?

Don’t be the person who says, “What could possibly go wrong?” Be prepared and check out the iBoot line of power distribution unit (PDU) products. These web-based power switches can remotely manage the technology that keeps you in business. And, they’ll pay for themselves in a couple of button-pushing trips!

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