Dataprobe Plays a Big Role in Large Deployments

We’ve recently collaborated with an industry leader in managed wireless solutions for ATMs, commercial laundries, digital signage, IoT, and kiosks. To make their deployment seamless, they needed pre-configured units from the factory. We managed all of the equipment configurations, white labeling, and barcoding, saving them over 100 staff-hours and weeks of deployment time.

They must be happy. We’ve shipped 1,000 units and have orders for 2,000 more as of this writing.

We can help businesses manage large deployments in a simple, cost-effective process through:

  • Pre-configuration of services and equipment
  • Drop-shipping directly to the location
  • Incorporating mass-configuration tools for large self-deployments
  • Using bulk packaging to minimize shipping costs
  • Implementing barcoding with coordinating spreadsheets to track inventory

Our barcoding features allow clients to ship each unit to its designated location. Upon its arrival, all the client needs to do is open the box and plug it in, and it’s ready to go! We also offer user-friendly cloud technology to make it easy to view and manage all devices. Call or connect with Dataprobe today.

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