Dataprobe’s RSS-16 Shipping to Germany

Xortec RSS systems ready to shipDataprobe’s latest RSS-16 system consisted of identical systems shipped overseas to Xortec, a German corporation that specializes in communication electronics technology, design, and manufacturing.

Xortec’s long history and expertise in transitioning from prototypes and small series to mass production has made them competitive pioneers in the domestic electronics industry. Our RSS systems allow them to ensure the dependability of their critical applications.  A customizable physical layer switching system, RSS provides a reliable switchover of communications circuits for line protections and equipment redundancy applications.

Dataprobe’s relay-based switching system is designed for fail-soft operation, so they will always maintain connectivity for clients. Relay-based fallback switches are built with the dependability needed to quickly and easily switch critical applications from a failing resource to a backup in order to keep networks up and running.  Dataprobe switches always maintain connectivity–even when power is removed–so they never become a single point of failure. That’s of critical importance to companies like Xortec.

The staff at Dataprobe ensures that all systems are individually tested before shipping. We’re proud to work with Xortec to support them as they continue paving the way for progress and success in the electronic communications market.

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