Digital Signage Provides Information on the Fly During COVID-19

Digital Signage Provides Information on the Fly During COVID-19

Outdoor restaurant menu and signageThe value of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising has skyrocketed as the need for on-demand, critical information rises. Now, more than ever, the typical American needs the most updated information available.

Take, for example, walking through town and looking to pick up a quick sandwich. Do you want to squint at an outdated and poorly designed menu or would you prefer signage that clearly displays the menu—along with ordering information and a phone number?

Not only do digital units provide the information we need throughout our daily lives, but they also provide the accessibility and agility our small businesses need to survive. Is there a change in hours? Is outdoor seating now available? A new pick-up policy? All digital signage edits can be done remotely, eliminating the need for extra trips.  Remote management can be augmented with a network power switch, like the iBoot for the occasionally needed reboot.

During this time of continual economic and business shifts, advertisers using DOOH remain engaged and visible in their markets because of the stability and continuity of their messages.

  • Digital can change creative faster and more efficiently than other media
  • Digital actively promotes essential businesses and their unavoidable shifts, informing customers messages like: “We’re Open,” and “Curbside Pickup”
  • Digital signage provides the most up-to-date health and safety information

As our culture works through the challenges of living with COVID-19 and discovers new and innovative ways of doing business, digital technology shines as the medium that provides the most accurate and relevant information possible.



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