iPIO-8 Says Action!

We are always amazed by the diverse ways that our products are used to improve business processes and save costs.  As we have been improving our customer feedback efforts, we are finding even more applications that surprise us.   When we find that several customers are using Dataprobe products in ways we did not anticipate, our antenna really perk up.

Several broadcast news organizations have reported that they are using our iPIO-8 network I/O controller to operate camera tally lights on their remote broadcasts.  Tally lights are the ‘Red Light’ that let the on-air talent know what camera to look at.

In the studio, these are all locally controlled from the broadcast booth.  For big events that involve multiple cameras, the easiest way to provide camera tally from the studio booth to multiple remote cameras is to use a pair of iPIO-8 units to take the GPIO (Contact Closure) from the camera tally system and send it over the network to the remote location.  There the matching iPIO-8 converts it back to GPIO and controls the cameras.


We have been at all sorts of remote broadcast locations; Space Shuttle lift offs, major disasters and national sporting events.  Dataprobe iPIO-8 keeps on-air talent looking in the right direction, and broadcast engineers looking good.

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