Major Cost of Downtime Report Released

An iBoot of Prevention is worth a Truck Roll of Cure.

In the new study by IHS Inc. a major research firm,  the cost of downtime for information and communication technology (ICT) reaches $700 billion per year.

The report blames network interruptions as the biggest cause of downtime, and organizations average 5 occurrences per month totaling 27 hours.

Matthias Machowinski, research director for enterprise networks and video at IHS says that “The main cost of downtime is lost productivity and revenue. Fixing the problem is a minor cost factor, which means a small investment in increasing the reliability of ICT systems will provide an outsized return by reducing productivity and revenue losses,”

We couldn’t agree more.

IHS Subscribers can access the report, including Costs of Downtime Calculator Here.

Not a Subscriber?  Try Dataprobe’s Free Cost of Downtime Calculator


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