New iBoot Updates Revealed

Our Cloud Has You “Covered”

The beauty of the iBoot and iBoot PDU series is the ability to remotely turn on, turn off, reboot, or cycle power to any device or unit.

Combined with our iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS), you can access and control multiple units in various locations from a single portal and sign-on. It supports LDAP to enable multiple users to access the same account securely. Users with dynamic IP addresses can access their iBoot from anywhere, even if they don’t allow inbound connections.

But wait–we’ve made even more improvements to our iBoot Cloud Service.

“One and Done” Configuration

The iBoot Cloud Service can now configure iBoot devices directly. There is no longer a need to connect to each individual iBoot for set-up.  The user can create one configuration and push it through the Cloud to multiple units.  This makes it much easier for large-scale deployments to ramp up quickly and efficiently and make changes across the customers’ deployment when needed.

We’ve Got Your Security Covered

Each iBoot now comes factory default with a unique password based on each unit’s hardware (MAC Address).  This prevents unauthorized use when the product is new or recently reset to factory defaults.

Layer 3 Switching

Support for Layer 3 switching allows more efficient use of the network in large-scale deployments.

Dataprobe’s iBoot Cloud Service has the “silver lining” answers to complex equipment rollouts. Call us today!

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