“Your iBoot will save lives”

We like to think that we fulfill an important mission, keeping networks reliable and minimizing downtime.  We try not to use too much hyperbole in touting our significance in the lives of other people, but sometime we hear from users that moves us to tear of pride.  I will share one of those letters with you:

“I am the Senior Field Engineer for a Federal Law Enforcement Task Force. My job includes managing, maintaining, and improving our own Special Operations Support Unit and also supporting all other federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies; 200 of them with all forms of electronic surveillance. Out of the 200 agencies, only about 20 of them have their own technical support units and I work with them all. 

For the last two years we have been working on a large project that has helped fight crime on a whole new level. There has been one weak point in this project that has not only cost us a lot of over-time but has also slowed us down because of all the time we had to spend going out and manually re-booting equipment. Some of the areas this equipment has been installed in require us to put a team of undercover officers together to act as ‘protection’ for a technician to go out and do the re-boot. It also requires the use of a special truck because of the height of the equipment. This has cost us a lot financially, but it has also jeopardized lives and cases.

On our last equipment deployment – the Friday night before Memorial Day weekend – our equipment lasted only 12 hours before needing to be re-booted. The case involved a threat to the life of a Law Enforcement Officer and his family. So for the next few days (remember this is a Holiday weekend), every 12 to 24 hours we had to put a group of people together to go out and re-boot this device. As you can see, this put a lot of people’s lives and plans on hold to protect the life of this man and his family and we all did this happily. 

After finding your iBoot online, and then installing it into our equipment, we have not had to go out to this unit again. I have not only made it a policy in our office that any new installation MUST have an iBoot installed in it, but I have also notified the other 20 tech departments I work with and have told them that they will need to do the same. Your iBoot will save lives!

– A Very Happy Law Enforcement Agency (Name withheld upon request for security reasons)

[avatar user=”dp_george” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”] George Foote
VP, Sales,
Dataprobe Inc.

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