New iBoot Firmware Available: Ver 1.3

Applies to:  All iBoot-G2 Series Models:    

iBoot-G2, iBoot-G2+, iBoot-G2S, iBoot-DC

iBoot Firmware 1.3 now available

 Version 1.3 now ready for install

Version 1.3 add some exciting new features that users have been asking for, plus additional stability enhancements.

Top New Features

DHCP Default:

 Out of the box ready for DHCP networks.  This makes it easy to set up in DHCP environments.  Just plug it in and its ready to go.  If you need static IP address, set it with the Device Management Utility, same as before.

DNS Support:  Now you can AutoPing and set other addresses by name as well as IP Address.   This makes it much easier to setup time and other features.

Download the new firmware from the support pages:

iBoot-G2       iBoot-G2+       iBoot-G2S

Read the full product release notes here

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