iBoot Family Upgrade – New Version Available


iBoot-G2 Series

Upgrade Notification

Dataprobe has been working hard on the next generation of the iBoot-G2, iBoot-G2+, iBoot-G2S and iBoot-DC. We are pleased to announce that a major upgrade is now available for current users. The newest version for these four products will offer exciting new features, additional stability, and most importantly, a path to an even brighter future.

This upgrade marks a new transition as we continue to widely enhance our products’ features while minimizing your downtime. These upgrades offer users even more control with how you manage your product’s power capabilities.

Version 1.52.238 is released for the iBoot-G2 and iBoot-DC, where Version 1.40.60 is released for the iBoot-G2+ and iBoot-G2S. Don’t forget to get the latest firmware and manual for them: iBoot-G2, iBoot-G2+, iBoot G2S or iBoot-DC.

See the full release notes at iBoot Support Forum Page.

Thank you again for your business and loyalty!

New Features Include:

  • Improved Soft Reboot Reliability
  • Refreshed Mobile and Web Page Interface
  • Location Name to the Cloud when registering (feature enabled when cloud interface updated)
  • “Disable Off” Feature
  • And Many More!

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