Boots-on-the-Ground Team

Production Crew at Dataprobe
From l to r: Ramsey Zakaria, James Kalymnios, and Archie Mendez

Dataprobe’s response to the COVID-19 has been successful due to the efforts of our entire team.  Our work to keep the networks reliable for the FAA and other critical infrastructure has designated us an essential business.  Throughout the pandemic shut down, several of Dataprobe’s key staff arrived on the job each day to test and ship power distribution units, power switches, and remote reboot units to keep our enterprise customers up and running. We have minimized our in-house team to reduce the chance of transmission. These three profiles of our essential in-house team exemplify our dedication to our customers and employee safety.

Ramsey Zakaria – Electronic Technician

Ramsey tests products and troubleshoots both new products as well as customer service requests. He spent a short time working from home during the pandemic at which time he created test procedure policies to have in place for any other future emergency. Then, it was back to work at Dataprobe, where he has been employed over 20 years. “It’s good to have a place to go. We keep everything clean and spray it all down, and wear masks when we interact.”

Archie Mendez – Shipping and Receiving

Archie is the key go-to guy for shipping and receiving. He ensures that all of our iBoot PDU products make it to their national and international destinations. He also occasionally helps in the production department. Archie has also worked for Dataprobe for 20 years. “We wear masks and disinfect all areas,” says Archie. “I’m happy to have work. There are a lot of people who don’t have a job right now.”

James Kalymnios – Chief Operating Officer

James has been with Dataprobe for over 40 years and currently serves as the COO. He also manages the manufacturing, fulfillment, quality control, facilities, and the human resources department. When COVID-19 initially broke out, he took over the balancing act of supporting all departments single-handedly while figuring out a new way of doing business and managing staff during the pandemic. “Sales and production are intertwined and work hand-in-hand,” says James. “Most of the staff worked virtually but a few had to come in from time to time. We constantly wipe everything down, sanitize all surfaces, and keep socially distant.”

These three gentlemen are the reason why every iBoot product is functioning at optimal levels and gets where it needs to go. Thanks for your outstanding efforts Ramsey, Archie, and James!


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