Out with the Old, In with the New

All good things must come to pass….

The great grand-daddy of all iBoots, the one that started it all is finally ready for retirement. We are phasing out the original
iBoot (1410017). This is the product that launched 150,000 ships, that established the IP reboot market space and the first product ever to use what is now universally known as AutoPing (we really should have patented that).

This is the iBoot that started it all.
This is the iBoot that started it all.

While it is sad to see it slowly fade into the night, we still are producing them in limited quantities to satisfy those of you who absolutely need that model, have it spec’ed in so deeply into their product or systems. We have published a full sunset schedule.

For the rest, the New iBoot-G2S (1410046) is a better, faster, (shhh! lower cost) model that does everything the iBoot-Hub does and more.

Find out More about iBoot-G2S

iBoot-G2S Web Power Switch
The New iBoot-G2S features a newer Ethernet Switch and more features than the iBoot-Hub that it replaces.

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